Eichler Books

Seldom will you find a real estate broker – or anyone else for that
    matter – that has sufficient interest and expertise to direct the production and co-author
    a book on a given subject.  Jerry Ditto – with the publication of the best-selling,
    and award-winning book, Eichler Homes – Design for Living has done
    just that.

The first book to chronicle
    Joe Eichler’s contribution to residential architecture, it remained on the San Francisco
    Chronicle’s best selling book list for 6 weeks shortly after its publication, and it was named one of the eight winners in the 1997 American Institute
    of Architects International Book Award competition.


The Eichler owner or aficionado will find
    the book a tasteful photo-essay of the work of Joseph Eichler and his architects. 
    Selected excerpts and photographs follow.

Left: The Eichler Atrium: Outdoor environment and space captured for living.

Right: The architects’ site planning and overall tract layout was an early
    distinguishing mark of Eichler’s home-building style.  The gentle, flowing lines of
    the sidewalk, trees, and landscaping provide a pleasing contrast to the horizontal and
    vertical design elements of the houses.

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