Eichler architects

Eichler architects:


Jones + Emmons Claude Oakland

                                                                  (Claude Oakland and Joseph Eichler)

Anshen + Allen, Jones & Emmons, and Claude Oakland & Associates – those were the architectural firms that helped make Joe Eichler famous for his mid-century, modernist homes of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s.

Taste and appreciation of architectural style is today what brings “the Eichler” to the attention of most Eichler home buyers.  And it was that same taste and appreciation of an open floor plan and modernist styling that brought Joe Eichler to Bob Anshen, the co-founder of the firm of Anshen + Allen and shortly thereafter to A. Quincy Jones of  Jones & Emmons.  Claude Oakland, the last architect to produce “the Eichler”, was, interestingly enough, perhaps the first as well, for he was the principal designer for Anshen + Allen during the early design stages of the homes.

Rarely did a prospective Eichler home buyer know about these architects and their role with Eichlers 10 to 15 years ago.  In fact that is often the case today.  While they are usually aware of “an Eichler”, they are not aware that their taste in styles and appreciation of the way the home “works”, has led them to homes of architects who became internationally known and respected.  “Real talent!”  What they see and feel is great residential modernist design.  It is/was always interesting for me to watch those reactions and response.

“Google” or otherwise research these firms.   You’ll find the breadth and scope of their mutual success and achievements far beyond what you may expect.  You’ll also find it difficult, if not impossible, to find a builder of tract homes who left such a lasting architectural legacy – with name affixed!

   – Jerry

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