Thank you all for participating the readers’ survey

We would like to first offer our thanks to everyone who participated in the recent survey to help us improve our blog.  The survey results helped show us what you believe is working well and what needs to be changed.  Unfortunately, some feedback we received was not so clear to us and you may not have given us your contact information for us to follow up in more detail.  So, if we have not addressed your issues please contact us to see what we can do.

As you may have noticed, we have adopted a Blog format, which gives us the flexibility to expand, to add photos, to offer slideshows or videos, to do a poll or survey, and can be easily updated monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly.  The ideas are endless and you will also find new information each time you visit. 

For the first time on you as a reader can make comments on any one of the posts, and get a return response in a short period of time.   We know you may be unfamiliar with this capability, but we encourage you to tag on your comments at any time.  Perhaps you live nearby a current listing and want to share your thoughts on the neighborhood; maybe you have seen an Eichler for sale and would like to report it missing from our list; or maybe you want to know more details on a picture you see because you are thinking to remodel your home the same way.  Whatever you may be thinking can be shared with other readers and with us – interactively.

In a blog format, the newest “post” is always on the top so it will be the first article you see when you enter the site. Our goal is to update the blog as often as we can, daily would be great, but at least a few times per week.  As you scroll down the articles, you will be able to see other posts in chronological order so you can instantly see what new threads have started since the last time you visited. 

We definitely want to make your reading experience more enjoyable, so please keep giving us your feedback.

About the Weekly Eichler Market Activities, Updates, & The New Listings by cities

Based on the feedback we received in the surveys, we have created a new section called “Eichler Essentials” on the left-hand side.  Under this section you will quickly find the two links that many readers are looking for – Current Listings & Sold Listings, and the Eichler Market Update

We put all homes available or sold, by city, with individual links on one page called Current Listings & Sold Listings.  In each city’s Current Listing page, the newest listing is always on the top of the page (descending by date added), and it will be moved to the Sold Listings page when it closes escrow.

We finally found a way to display the Eichler market activities updates (listings and sales spreadsheet) without the downloadable PDF file.  We will update this list daily as anything changes.  However, most agents put new listings on the market on Wednesday or Thursday because most broker tours are on Thursday or Friday.  

About Jerry’s Weekly Journal

Jerry typically writes his comment for the week every Monday and this tradition will still continue through 2009.

About Eichler Neighborhood Information

Currently, we put all Eichler Neighborhood (Santa Clara County and San Mateo County) information in the “Eichler Community” section under the About section.  Every neighborhood is very unique in a way that only the residents know best.  We would encourage you to contribute if you have lived in an Eichler for five years or more and want to share your neighborhood experience and expertise.  This will be very helpful to anyone who is thinking about buying an Eichler in a certain area.  Send us an email with your thoughts and when we have gathered enough information we can then have individual city setup for its own article.

About Eichler Musings

This is something new to all of us.  Jerry’s fifteen years of experiences in Eichlers not only make him an expert on Eichler history but also he is very aware of the new changes that have taken place over recent years.  So we create a new topic called Eichler Musings (in “Eichler Insights” Category) where he shares his thoughts and feelings about how Eichler homes are changing for the 21st century.

Our Future Plans

Jerry has collected many Eichler-related items over the years such as old brochures, flyers, floor plans, maps, etc.  It will take us time to sort it out, organize it, and scan them for all to see.  We have not decided how to use or display them yet but this will be coming in the near future.

We have been to the Eichler Home Tours in Marin, San Mateo, Palo Alto, and Willow Glen in the past, and were amazed by the wonderful homes they have displayed.  We too have remodeled our own Eichler over the last seven years (except for the landscaping) so we are very interested to know more about all the remodeling people have done to their Eichler.  We look forward to beginning a remodeling discussion thread where homeowners can share their experience with others who are considering doing their remodeling projects in the future.    

We are also talking to homeowners (in different cities) who have worked with successful contractors and trades-people who specialize in Eichlers that they would recommend.  If you have hire someone to do your remodeling project in the past and want to recommend them, please contact us with both your name and their contact information and we will be happy to follow up with them.  We want to check out each referral personally with you to understand your experience with them.

Although the internet and Google is a powerful tool that is open to the public, we still have certain information that needs time and effort to gather, to analyze, to organize, and to write up.  We see this site as a service to Eichler enthusiasts but more importantly it is a value-added benefit to our current and future real estate clients.  We value our client’s loyalty and confidentiality dearly, so please understand if we may need to keep some information off this site and only provide them privately to clients with whom we have built a personal relationship.  After all, this is our business. 


Mark & Sabrina

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