SOLD: 1933 Adele Place, San Jose

1933 Adele Place — $675,000. Listed 12/24/08 (Tracye Sinclair, Broker, represents the Seller) SOLD for $675K

-    5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-    2122sf living space on a 8050sf lot

Mark's Preview Notes: A good deal just got better!  Reduced $200,000 (from $875K) after
just a week on the market, this will not last long.  This is a rare
opportunity for a foreclosure home in the Dry Creek area of Willow
Glen.  Very original and quite a bit of “deferred maintenance”, but
this is a wonderful street and a neighborhood of folks who appreciate
their Eichlers so an investment here should pay off handsomely in a few

Categories: Sold in San Jose


  1. not sure what happened with Adele, but we desperately tried to contact the seller’s rep to see the house to no avail…


  2. I understand your frustration. This was a foreclosure home from Downey Savings and I know they are VERY busy right now. There were 4 offers on this Eichler, one of which was our own client. It took them 10 days to look at the offers and respond back to us which in the foreclosure market is a very long time. We are typically seeing 2-day turnaround times on our offers to other foreclosure listings.
    In the end, this home needed a LOT of TLC work, a good thorough cleaning, and a new roof to get back to a live-able condition. Sorry you missed out on this opportunity, but as I posted when this home hit the $675k level — someone got a great deal!


  3. Thank you for letting me know. I am sure it was a sweet memory with Eichler home. Do you know anything about the addition off the back. It seemed to me that it was not square with the house (trapezoidal in fact) so I was wondering who did the addition and why. Thanks!


  4. Hmmm, My name is Adele Eichler, and I certainly would have liked to have known that this particular Eichler home was on the market, despite of the price.


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