See what Jerry says about 1149 S Mary Ave in Sunnyvale

“If you pick up the current April issue of Dwell Magazine, and go to page 90 “Just Do It” article, you’ll see a classic double A, or twin gable, beautifully done atrium model of what appears to be an Eichler home.  Or – you can visit 1149 S. Mary Avenue, Mark’s new listing in Sunnyvale to see essentially the same home – an authentic Eichler – with mirror image floor plan, in person!

Over the years I received several letters and emails from home owners in both Oregon , the location of the Dwell home, and Washington state, who believed they were living in Eichlers, but in the strict sense of the work they were not.  I really don’t know how the original Eichler blueprints got into the hands of builders in those areas, but a few did, with or without the blessings of the Eichler organization.
Oregon Eichler

Nevertheless, the owners of “the Oregon Eichler”, and the owner of this home on Mary Avenue have cared for and updated this sought after atrium model beautifully!

The owner of the Sunnyvale Eichler, whom I was fortunate to represent as the buyer several years ago, is typical of the Eichler owner and enthusiast who “gets” the open architecture and styling of mid-century contemporary design, and maintains such elements in the upgraded improvements.  The home is “well manicured” throughout, from the gorgeous atrium behind the striking front entry door, and the polished concrete flooring that would make Frank Lloyd Wright happy, to the new bath and kitchen appliances, as well as the tasteful and practical landscaping of rear and side yards.  It represents well a minimalist and fitting feel with its colors, textures and appointments.

Mark will be holding the home open on Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15 from 1:00 to 5:00PM.  I encourage you to visit, meet Mark if you haven’t already, and enjoy this very nice home.”

– Jerry

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