Thank you all for coming to our Open House on Mary Ave in Sunnyvale


Wow — what a great neighborhood of Eichler
Enthusiasts!  Thank you for coming out to show your support — it was
so overwhelming.  I believe we had somewhere between 80-100 buyers,
neighbors, and agents through our open house on Saturday, and another
50+ on Sunday.

So now you know what stained concrete floors on your Eichler look and
feel like.  From the comments I gathered, I would say it was 4:1 in
favor of the stained concrete floors (the 1 being a comment of “I’m not
sure if I like them or not”).  The majority of Eichler owners have at
one point considered taking all their flooring down to the bare
concrete, but few have the courage to make this bold step.  As you
witnessed, the floors on this Eichler are clean and unique, but
certainly nothing to be feared.

I truly enjoyed meeting so many neighbors and hope you will spread the
word among your friends about this opportunity to move into your
neighborhood.  I know we will meet again soon and of course we are
never too busy for any of your referrals.

– Mark

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