SOLD: 854 Carlisle Way, Sunnyvale

854 Carlisle Way — $789,000. Listed 4/20/2009 (Mike Brasil of Referral Realty represents the Seller) Sold for $775k, COE 9/25

– 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
– 1328sf living space on a 6592sf lot
– New hardwood floors/carpets/linoleum, New durable foam roof, new broiler/water heater,  slate entry.

Mark's Preview Notes:  The very impressive, private, and usable courtyard in
the front of this Eichler adds a welcoming feeling as soon as you walk
through the gate.  The original bathrooms may need to be updated but
the use of un-gauged slate flooring throughout this home helps it feel
bigger than the size actually shows.

Categories: Sold in Sunnyvale

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