Sold: 1758 Hudson Dr, San Jose

1758 Hudson Dr — $873,000. Listed 4/21/09 (Nil of Coldwell Banker represents the Seller) Sold for $848,000, COE 5/29/2009

– 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
– 1781sf living space on a 7380sf lot
– Atrium model, electric cover, texture concrete floor, remodeled master bathroom.  

Mark's Preview Notes: The matte black 2ft-wide tiles are an excellent choice
for the flooring of this Willow Glen Eichler.  The original cabinets
can put some people off but I really like the use of back-painted glass
to replace the cabinet sliders — an often-suggested recommendation by
Jerry and I.  The Atrium is enclosed but the mature landscape is very
well done and it makes this home a nice clean Eichler for an enthusiast
to enjoy!

Categories: Sold in San Jose

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