Remodel: 17509 Via Sereno, Monte Sereno

Mini-081107-bryan-jo-anne The incredible 2-level, (lower level) Eichler remodel at 17509 Via Sereno, Monte Sereno has just, or is about to enjoy the installation of the atrium bridges – bridges with traverse the open atrium at the ground level.  I recently enjoyed spending some time with Bryan and Jo-Anne Mekechuk over at their enormous, unique undertaking, and once again was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.  I don't believe any Eichler remodel, or residential remodel of any variety for that matter, has been approached with as much attention to detail and structural integrity as has Bryan's.  You gotta' see it to believe it!


You can, virtually, if you visit his blog “Showcase for a Green Eichler Remodel”, and spend some time reading the history of the effort (They started the journey in February 2008).  You'll be impressed I know.  I, and of course anyone who has followed the effort really look forward to visiting the home upon its completion – still months away – to see just how grand the remodel will turn out.  I believe it could set the stage for similar approaches to Eichler "expansions" in the future.

Jerry Ditto

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  1. Whenever I traveled to visit my family in Mexico, I often saw the locals using old dilapidated building materials like wood from pallets for doors and windows, corrugated steel sheets for roofing and siding. I felt shame and guilt when I returned to the states and saw upscale neighborhoods throw out sinks, cabinets, and pristine building materials; things that would be considered gold in my old home town, all for the sake remodel. After visiting the Eichler Remodel” project, I’m glad to see “We get it now”


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