5/4 Community Day – Dine, shop and play to benefit Cupertino Schools

Dear Eichler homeowners,

Regardless you have children or not, living in Cupertino or not (I have neither), I would like to invite you to participate "Their Future Is Now", a Community Day on 5/4 which is tomorrow to dine, shop or play at participating local
businesses throughout the day. A portion of all sales will be
donated to
benefit 18,000 children in Cupertino community! Please click HERE to see a map of participating

Stop in multiple places throughout the day:

  • Head out to lunch with co-workers
  • Shop for Mother’s Day and Teacher
    Appreciation Day
  • Join a fun play date with classmates!
  • Enjoy a family meal at a favorite
    restaurant, or a place you’ve been meaning to try. Take-out
  • Remember dessert too!

Thank you in advance.


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