SOLD: 2257 Fairhill Ln, San Jose 95125

2257 Fairhill Ln — $635,000.  Listed 11/29/10 (Perry Campbell of Perry Campbell Real Estate represents the Seller) Sold for $623K, COE 2/28/11 ( represents the Buyer)

– 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
– 1755sf living space on a 6300sf lot
– Preserved original home with improved pitch roof, Atrium model, Mature landscaping

Request a Showing to See This Eichler

Mark’s Preview Notes:

MLS Photos:

Fair1 Fair2
Fair3 Fair4


  1. The selling realtor took really impressively awful photos but this house could be beautiful. It is in much better shape than our Eichler was when we bought it eight years ago and is not much more expensive. (Ours is the other pitched roof house on the same block.) Jay & Sabina


  2. It all starts with a good vision. Most people can’t see beyond the current condition. Wait till you see my post on the Fairglen redo — before purchase vs. what they have done today!


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