2011 Calendar is here

Some of you may have received this 2011 Calendar at your doorway which was hand delivered by Mark (he does that every year since 2008). 

Calendar-1 Calendar-2
This year we made the calendar a bit bigger so the photo and the month would be on the same page.  Also, it can be hung on the wall or stand on a table.  This year we are using some funny quotes and hope to bring you laughter all year round.

We would like to thank you for being with us.  2010 has been a great year for us and we could not do it without your support.  We would like to offer 15 calendars for the first 15 readers who answer three questions in the comments (please leave your name and email address so we can contact you for your mailing info OR you can email us with your name and mailing address).

1. If you are going to remodel your Eichler in 2011, would you be willing to let us document (take photos), and post the before and after photos and the experience on this site?

2. Do you have any Eichler stories to share?  Do you know any Original owners who can share their memories, tell us what Eichler living was like back then?

3. Do you know any talented artists in your Eichler community?


Happy Holiday!!

sabrina and mark

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  1. We’ve been obsessed with Eichlers after your Fairhill showing of the pristine unit during the summer. I’ve done tons of research and already bought new Eichler-style escutcheons from SoCal.
    We plan to bring our unit back to original condition, so the unit we buy needs to pass a checklist (original garage doors, etc.)
    Does this count? Would love to get a calendar to keep us motivated. We need to buy in 2011 to house our growing family.. đŸ™‚


  2. we’ll be doing more work on our place sometime in 2011. big priority is the landscaping, exterior paint, and we’re going to try to get to at least one of the bathrooms.


  3. We are contemplating a bedroom closet remodel this year that would push out a wall in our master bedroom. Of course keeping the integrity of the Eichler style is very important to us! If we do go ahead with the project, we would welcome photographs.
    I wish we could help you with original owners or artists, but we would love a copy of your Eichler calendar!


  4. As soon as we close on our new Eichler (THANK YOU, MARK!) we will be embarking on a full remodel. We expect that the before/after difference will be striking. If not, we’ve done something VERY wrong.
    So answer question #1 YES.
    Questions 2 and 3: Not yet, we’re newbie Eichlerites.


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