Jerry Ditto

Eichler Homeowners Lose a Friend

It is with a saddened heart that I share with you, the news we have lost a dear friend and Eichler enthusiast, Jerry Ditto. Many of you may have met Jerry at an Eichler open house sometime over the years but he is best known of course from writing and publishing the first coffee table book on Eichler homes — “Eichler Homes – Design for Living”.

It was this book that brought a resurgence of appreciation for Eichler homes, which by the early 1990s had basically been forgotten. Jerry helped local the local real estate community rediscover Eichler homes, he gained notoriety for himself as the go-to guy for Eichlers, and subsequently founded Eichler Homes Realty in the mid 1990s.

Jerry first noticed the Monta Loma Mountain View Eichlers as they were being built because he served as a naval aviator stationed at Moffett field from 1956 to 1960. He shared with his wife many times how these homes were very cool — “one day we’re going to own one.”

Jerry has helped many families move into the home of their dreams over the years until I took over Eichler Homes Realty in 2009 when he retired. Jerry’s vision of making sure Eichler homes remain appreciated for their historical and architectural significance lives on. Jerry was a mentor of mine and he will be missed.

Mark (Nov 2013)

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Those of you that have been visiting our Eichler Homes / MESH website during the past two years may recall that this was the first step in my transitioning from an active real estate brokerage, to one of inactivity, and essentially to my retirement from Eichler Homes Realty.

The time has passed very quickly, and as I know you have seen, Mark and Sabrina have continued to ably serve both the buyers and sellers of the Eichler, and provide a lot of useful information to Eichler enthusiasts in general.  That was the whole idea, and it has been a very pleasant, constructive and successful “passing of the baton.”

Certain events in ones life are more memorable than others.  My decision 18 years ago to enter a “retirement career”, forming a real estate brokerage to do nothing but specialize in the Eichler Home was certainly one of those.  While viewed in the industry as a rather different approach,  and “not the way it’s done”, it has been both fun and gratifying.  Even though I am obviously biased, the attention I was able to bring to “the Eichler” through my promotional and educational efforts, and then the attention that all of that engendered, seemed to raise a positive awareness to the Eichler that had not been present before.  At least I think that is the case, and I feel good about that.

To all of you that I’ve been able to help in some way, my thanks for letting me do so.  For those of you that have just “found” the Eichler, you’ve found a historic piece of architecture.  Learn as much as you can about it, and this is a good place to start.

My best wishes,

Jerry Ditto

Bookcover Jerry is proud of the attention and interest his publications have brought, once again, to the work of Joseph Eichler.


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