IKEA Kitchen Makeover for a Townhouse

I get asked this question a lot — what does it take to redo an Eichler kitchen and what are the biggest challenges?  Here is a homeowner documentary from one of our clients that should really help answer that question for you.

About a year ago, I sold one of the Santa Clara Eichler townhomes to a very excited first-time buyer couple.  Most of the features of this unit had been well maintained, but the kitchen had gone through a remodel that didn’t quite keep with the Eichler design concept.  So, new owners Mark and Lauren set out to undertake a kitchen makeover and I asked them to document their experience for our readers.

BF1 Before & After 1
Their particular floor plan allowed them to extend the kitchen cabinets along one wall into the family room, giving them a huge increase in storage and providing a work-desk area.

BF2 Before & After 2
Moving water and electricity is usually a challenge (slab floors), so they decided to keep the kitchen components in basically the same place, but refresh all the cabinets, counters, appliances, lighting, etc.

BF3 Before & After 3
They made a great choice of Ikea cabinets, back-painted glass tiles for the backsplash in a blue color that contrasts the cabinets, and Caesarstone quartz counters (I believe) that are basically indestructible.

Before4 Before & After 1
As an added bonus, they also wrote about their landscaping remodel before-and-after.  Monika Kafka designed and installed a fantastic back yard space that represents Eichler minimalism and modern functionality.  Bravo to you all!

Before6 Before & After 2
For the entire remodel details, please check out Mark and Lauren's blog.  If you have any questions regarding this remodel project, please leave a message on their blog.

– Mark

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