[Eichler Insights] Summer 2012

We are delighted to continue a tradition that Jerry Ditto launched 20 years ago as he was writing the first Eichler coffee table book.  Eichler Insights was the first regular newsletter exclusively delivered to Eichler homeowners, providing real estate sales statistics and specific tips on your home ownership.  Since then, the internet has certainly changed how we share information but we believe there is useful material here you will want to save and reference.

Of course our EichlerHomes.com website continues to be the go-to site for real time sales and information, read by thousands of visitors each month.  When the time is near for you to sell your Eichler, call me at 408-887-1821 and I will share our strategies to leverage the #1 Eichler website to find a buyer who will LOVE your Eichler.  Enjoy!!  – Mark


For PDF version, please click
Download 2012_Sum_EI_front

Download 2012_Sum_EI_back

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