[Eichler Insights] Spring 2013

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Since 1994, Eichler Insights is the first and only newsletter that provides Eichler specific sales statistics and market insight exclusively for Eichler homeowners.  In this issue we summarize the activities of 2012 and wow, what a year of growth!  Look at this $$/square foot price growth for 2012 and see the sales data compiled for all Eichlers sold in 2012.

Just this week we have seen the first wave of Sunnyvale Eichlers hit the market with 2 on Templeton and 1 on Sherwood Ct — and multiple offers are pushing prices even higher!  Sherwood had 7 offers, and the Templeton’s had 7 and 11 offers each.  This certainly sets the tone for what is likely to be another exciting year for Eichler homeowners.



When the time is near for you to sell your Eichler I can be reached at (408)-887-1821 — where you can put my market knowledge and passion for Eichler homes to work for you!




For PDF version, please click Download Newsletter_1, Download Newsletter_2

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  1. Well, there are 2 possible answers
    1) If you are looking for an Eichler to rent, no we do not have anything available at the moment.
    2) If you have an Eichler that you are looking to rent out and would like to consider us for property management, then yes, we can discuss this.


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