[Eichler Insights] Winter 2013


For this issue of Eichler Insights we sent to all homeowners, I shared my market insights article based on our client experiences with buyers making (and losing some) offers as well as our own Eichler listings throughout the summer / fall sales.  Multiple offers on every Eichler home shows us that demand has never been higher.


My 2014 prediction — more of the same!  Ok, so maybe that's not much of a stretch prediction, but I truly believe I cannot see anything that will change the current market pace.  Purely supply and demand economics.  Look at all the commercial construction going on — just drive along Central Expressway, or Moffet Field, or downtown Palo Alto — all these buildings will be filled with workers who have to live somewhere.


Also, since we have continue to get huge interest from buyers and homeowners about resurfacing the original concrete slab, we put together a feature article with James, our trusted concrete guy at Heavenly Touch, where he shares what to expect when choosing to expose the Eichler concrete slab flooring.


When the time is near for you to sell your Eichler I can be reached at (408)-887-1821 — where you can put my market knowledge and passion for Eichler homes to work for you!



For PDF version, please click Download Eichler_newsletter_4_out_revised, Download Eichler_newsletter_4_in

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