SOLD: 829 Devonshire Way, Sunnyvale 94087

Open Atrium Model Eichler

829 Devonshire-6 - MLS

As you know, I have been inside hundreds of Eichler homes and even though these are mass produced, each one has grown over time to become unique in it’s own way.  This Devonshire Eichler, somehow, has what I would say is an indescribable “X-Factor” that gives you a comfort hard to find in other homes. Is it how when you first open the door you get an expansive view through the entire house?  Is it how watching the sunset through the atrium from the family room displays the prettiest pink against the deepest blue background?  The original elements here need to be seen to appreciate.  All the kitchen cabinets and master vanity are still in perfect working order.  As are all the closet sliders and even every one of the globe lights has survived.  Just come see us at the open house, you really can’t miss how this Eichler will make you feel!

829 Devonshire-8 - MLS

829 Devonshire-11 - MLS

829 Devonshire-12 - MLS

829 Devonshire Way, Sunnyvale 94087

spacious living

7316sf lot

1553sf living space

4 bedrooms, 2 bath built in 1961

1 car garage, 1 carport

eichler originality

bright open atrium

warm wood paneling

cherished cabinets and closets

great schools

stocklmeir elementary school

cupertino middle school

fremont high school

List Price:  $1,488,000  Sold for $1620K, COE 11/20/15

Listing Agent:  Mark Easterday 408-887-1821


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