Open House Report

Since I get so many questions at open houses and in the days following, I decided to post a comment about our recent open house weekend at 619 W Remington.

The weather was terrible, but that did not discourage people from coming out to see this home.  At least 50 groups through each day even in the rain.  It was a unique opportunity for buyers because they got to see 585 W Remington, a complete fixer at $1.348m that needs to be gutted and rebuilt, and compare it to our Remington all done at $1.528m.

Yes, there are now 4 Active Eichler listings on Remington — who could have predicted!?  So, buyers have choices for the first time in a long time.  Each of these homes represent a different price/condition offering.  But it’s hard to argue that both of these are the best options for an entry level Eichler in Sunnyvale.

Most people were first time buyers, attracted to the Eichler aesthetic, schools, and price.  But I have to tell you, of all the questions and comments I had, there was one person who asked if it was easy to take out the big glass windows and just fill it with solid wall.  Uh…


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