614 Torrington Dr – The Journey Begins

I’ve been keeping a secret, and it’s now time to bring you inside…

I bought a Sunnyvale Eichler fixer-upper off market and my crew and I are now in the process of restoring it.  What better place to document our journey than right here in front of all our clients and supporters?  So here’s the story.

Do you know what a “hoarder house” is?  Well this is one and as you see in the “before” shots, it is pretty rough.  Buying a home like this off-market means I let the sellers take what they want and leave the rest to me — and sure enough that’s what they did.  As you can imagine, we have already filled one 30-yard debris box and demo is just barely getting started.


It’s a small Courtyard model 3 bedroom 2 baths at about 1300sf.  But since it is on a corner lot of almost 8000sf it truly has the potential to exemplify the indoor/outdoor Eichler lifestyle.  Beneath all the clutter and “junk”, there are the bones of an original Eichler that was lovingly cared for in earlier days.


Follow us along in this photo-journal as we bring this home back to life.  My plan is to basically gut it out and rebuild with modern materials and fixtures.  There is SOOO much work ahead of us it’s just overwhelming.  You’re sure to learn a lot here as we bring you along step by step through all the design and implementation decisions we make.  Wish us luck!

—  Mark

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