614 Torrington Dr – Demolition is Done

Just a tip to remember for you home-gamers, destruction is always easier than construction.  You may want to remind me of that when I start complaining of how slowly we are going putting this place back together!

The 30 yard debris box arrived, and we promptly managed to fill it up and ask for another; which by this writing is basically full as well believe it or not.  But the transformation is already starting to take place.

The sun room is gone, the metal storage shed is gone, and the kitchen is out.  All the owner belongings have been donated or thrown away, and we’ve taken out all the “junk”.


As we were pulling apart some of the gutters outside, we discovered a bird family being raised in one gutter so the crew transferred it to the roof and even covered it so the birds could continue at peace.  I’m proud to say that just like in the movies, no animal was harmed in the remaking of this Eichler!



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