614 Torrington: The Floors

Now for the big reveal on our floors!  I decided to grind and polish the original concrete slab instead of covering it up with some other material.  It may sound simple, but it really is a lot of work done by artisan craftsman who need to know what they are doing in order to get the best result.

First off, you need to understand that this concrete has a lot of imperfections that will all become visible to some degree in the finished floor.  There are many tiny cracks that need to be filled, and the shadow outline of the original 9×9 tile may show up like a grid pattern.

The process is that they grind down the floor with a huge diamond grinder, most times this takes 2 passes with different grind strength levels; then they patch all the cracks and let it dry.


Next they grind down again so it’s finally a smooth surface.  The concrete needs to be treated with a “hardener” now and let that soak in.  Finally we’re ready to start the polishing process, which means coating the whole floor with a sealer and “sanding” it down with multiple levels of finer grit until they get the look we are going for.  I chose not to do any stain treatment but that would be an option if you are looking for something darker or brown or whatever.



In my opinion the result is stunning.  It is rustic in a way that we reveal and enhance the 60-year old construction instead of trying to make it look brand new, but completely modern because we see this same look today in high-end ultra-modern construction.

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