614 Torrington: Updating the Electrical

I get questions or comments all the time about how Eichler homes may be considered “unsafe”.  Most of the time that comes from someone who doesn’t understand this type of open post and beam construction or the use of wood paneling.

Here I’ve taken a few photos that may highlight where building codes of the late 50s early 60s might not have been exactly the safest, particularly in regards to the electrical wiring.  Wiring known as Romex goes through holes in the walls to give you electrical sockets and overhead lights and switches.  Back in the day, they just drilled holes in the wood and fed the wiring through.  Eichler did this and so did every other builder at the time so nothing different.


Eichlers do not have a ceiling crawl space, so here you can see the holes drilled into the tongue and groove where the wiring goes.  Wiring runs directly over the t/g ceiling, then is covered by an insulation layer which is then covered by the tar and gravel roofing.  For the most part this is OK, but I could see where it may be unsafe especially if you have someone on the roof who wants to drill holes or mount something like a dish.  If you happen to drill in the wrong place and go deep enough you could hit one of these Romex wires.

Today, we put all wiring inside metal conduit which you also see in our progress photo.  And the electrical panel must be mounted outside the house as you see, instead of flush with the exterior meaning it would be inside the wall.  Good progress, moving it forward!


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