614 Torrington Dr – Fences

The fence is done!  Yes, a custom design and here’s my philosophy:

This is a corner lot so the street side is a very long run.  To build that side in all redwood could be quite expensive so as an alternative each segment is made of corrugated fiberglass panels with redwood posts.  I love this look — very modern and sleek but not cold or industrial.


For the front, we have a different challenge.  For Sunnyvale city regulations we are forced to have an angled fence for driver line of sight since we are on the corner, but I really wanted to “disguise” the appearance of the angle.  So I designed this front to have even segments that almost look like they can bend and reticulate.  You almost don’t even know where the fence angle actually starts.


Also, because this is a courtyard model, the front yard is a very useful and critical space of the home.  I want the fence to give privacy from the street while still having an open feeling so you’ll notice the boards are alternating in/out.  This has the effect of being able to see some outside front yard as you are in the courtyard.  Very happy at how this came out!


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