614 Torrington Dr – The Roof

What’s up with those Eichler flat roofs anyway?!  I get roofing questions all the time when I’m hosting open houses so here’s a quick primer:

Basically there are many popular choices like tar and gravel, or spray foam, but my first choice is always to use what is known as IB PVC liner roofing system.  It’s a rolled out liner that gets epoxy welded in place so it’s a custom fit.

Here’s the process.  First, everything has to get stripped off, including the old rigid insulation.  Then the crew comes in to put a full layer of 3-inch insulation covering the whole living area and our newly installed electrical conduits and water lines.  Then they cover that insulation with a 1/4-inch hardibacker protective shell.  And finally the whole thing gets covered with rolls of this IB liner.



It’s white color is so reflective that you really get “snow blindness” when standing up there.  Super for keeping the inside cool — I love this stuff!  We even went to the extra expense of insulating over the garage too in case someday in the future someone wants to use that as additional living space.


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