The Comeback

The Comeback


A message from Eric Easterday (Mark’s brother)

October 2nd 2017 my brother Mark suffered a major stroke.  It was surely a shock to all of us because Mark leads such a healthy and active lifestyle.  Prior to the stroke he played competitive tennis, ran, ate well, and read insatiably.  He worked hard, was passionate about what he did for a living and loved the people in his life.  Mark has a tremendous group of friends, family and clients who have given an outpouring of love and prayers since the stroke.  It is truly humbling, and we appreciate all of you.

By all accounts Mark is doing very well.  Doctors are quite pleased and encouraged by how far he has come in just three months. His future looks bright and everyone around him are certain of a full recovery.  He’s walking, talking, and slowly but surely stepping back into the life he had prior to October 2nd.  From this point it only seems a matter of time.

What’s best for Mark moving forward and what’s the best medicine for him now? Business, Mark wants and needs business. The Eichler Homes Realty team is still intact and ready to assist with your real estate needs.  Mark is still actively engaged in the business on a regular basis – in a “behind the scenes” capacity.  We’ve partnered with an agent in the Keller Williams Palo Alto office who has over four decades experience selling homes in this market.  I’ve stepped in as team leader bringing with me over fifteen years of experience in real estate finance.  Rest assured all your needs will be handled as timely and professionally as before.

We ask that if you are considering buying or selling to please consider Mark and our team.  If you know someone who fits the same, please send them to us.  We love your referrals.

Yours truly,

Eric Easterday and the Eichler Homes Realty team.

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