[Eichler Insights] Spring 2013


Since 1994, Eichler Insights is the first and only newsletter that provides Eichler specific sales statistics and market insight exclusively for Eichler homeowners.  In this issue we summarize the activities of 2012 and wow, what a year of growth!  Look at this $$/square foot price growth for 2012 and see the sales data compiled for all Eichlers sold in 2012. […]

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[Eichler Insights] Summer 2012


We are delighted to continue a tradition that Jerry Ditto launched 20 years ago as he was writing the first Eichler coffee table book.  Eichler Insights was the first regular newsletter exclusively delivered to Eichler homeowners, providing real estate sales statistics and specific tips on your home ownership.  Since then, the internet has certainly changed how we share information but […]

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Jerry’s Journal of 2009

03-20-09. Wow! Spring has sprung, or at least it's springing, for the inventory of Eichlers has taken a quick turn for the better.  As of today, our Eichler area now boasts 30 listings, about one-third of them showing up in the last week or so.  We've not seen the listing activity that normally happens just after the Super Bowl until now.  Perhaps the hesitancy and uncertainty caused by our economic situation to either sell or buy is beginning to wane, and so folks are getting on with their lives.  I think what we need now is to have that 30 number remain about the same, with several new listings appearing weekly, and the same or similar number of sales occurring as well. Everybody wins in that climate.  We'll see what happens. It is rather unusal to have two of the outstanding Eichlers located on Stanford University grounds be listed at the same time, as happens today. And for those of you who may be new Eichler enthusiasts, you may be surprised to learn that there are over 100 Eichler homes located in the beautiful environs of the Stanford property. Virtually all of the homes, several of which are shown in our book, Eichler Homes – Design for Living, are considerably larger than the homes found in the “normal” communities of Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, etc.  They are, however, recognizable Eichlers, through and through, with more square footage devoted to […]

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Eichler Demography


The Eichler homeowner – who are they now,  and who have them been?    (Click on the map to enlarge the view) Demography, among other things, can be a statistical study of all populations.  Or, a social science that deals with a structure and distribution of a population.  Or – other studies dealing with groups of people.  While my thoughts and […]

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Eichler architects


Eichler architects:                                                                   (Claude Oakland and Joseph Eichler) Anshen + Allen, Jones & Emmons, and Claude Oakland & Associates – those were the architectural firms that helped make Joe Eichler famous for his mid-century, modernist homes of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Taste and appreciation of architectural style is today what brings “the Eichler” to the […]

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