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Cancelled: 1032 Metro Cir, Palo Alto

1032 Metro Cir — $1,008,888.  Listed 1/7/09 (Mike Murnane, Broker represents the Seller) Canceled. – 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms– 1478sf living space on a 5663sf lot– Well-located Palo Alto home on quiet circle Mark's Preview Notes: A somewhat typical Eichler of the period that could use new windows and other updates.  I felt that the master bedroom and bathroom located in the front of the house was somewhat awkward but for this price in Palo Alto I wouldn’t expect too much.  It’s all about the location for this one.

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Eichler architects

Eichler architects:                                                                   (Claude Oakland and Joseph Eichler) Anshen + Allen, Jones & Emmons, and Claude Oakland & Associates – those were the architectural firms that helped make Joe Eichler famous for his mid-century, modernist homes of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Taste and appreciation of architectural style is today what brings “the Eichler” to the […]

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Eichler Communities

~ Santa Clara County ~ Stanford There are over 100 Eichler homes located in the beautiful environs of the Stanford University property.  Virtually all of the homes are considerably larger than the homes found in the “normal” communities of Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, etc.  They are recognizable Eichlers with more square footage devoted to the home, in particular the living or “gathering” spaces.  They are usually set on the larger lots and rather secluded by the mature landscaping.  Frank Lloyd Wright fans and devotees will probably recognize the famous “Hana House” of the world renown architect, located on Frenchmans Road.  However, Stanford Eichlers are only available to faculty and staff, and each property is still on leased land of Stanford University. Palo Alto Palo Alto is often spoken of as the original home of Eichler Homes so many years ago.  It is true that more Eichlers were built in Palo Alto than in any other community and that two headquarter offices were located in Palo Alto.  Almost 3000 Eichler homes were built in this city and on the neighboring Stanford University grounds. Palo Alto is home to some of the most well-known enclaves including Greenmeadow, Fairmeadow, Green Gables and Los Arboles but you will find less well known and defined enclaves throughout much of this famous northern California community.  All of the Eichler architects, i.e., Anshen+Allen, Jones & Emmons, and Claude Oakland & Associates designed homes for Eichler organizations […]

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