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SOLD: 804 Pear Avenue, Sunnyvale

804 Pear Avenue, Sunnyvale To see a layout of 804 Pear Avenue please click here.     Whether used as a setting for distinctive sculpture, artwork on easels, or a recital on a grand piano, the open beamed space of the tiled arcade or loggia provides a dramatic but functional welcoming entry to this marvelous home.  A versatile floor plan will demonstrate how public and private space can both be achieved simultaneously. The atrium and loggia beautifully accommodates the California lifestyle and entertaining on a sizable scale, and the two separate wings of the home provide both privacy and yet access to the outside and to the open architecture of the home.  And you can further enjoy the bounty of the California life with fruits and vegetables grown and the property – Merlot, Riesling and Muscat grapes, vanetes of lemons and oranges, including the valentia orange , and small vegetables of your choice.  Welcome to California!     Dimensions/Specifications:       House      – 2294 SF   Atrium    – 435 SF   Garage    – 438 SF   Lot            – 7405 SF     4 bedrooms, 2 baths – atrium entry into loggia, living room, master bedroom suite, and     garage in north wing.  Formal dining room, family room / kitchen, pantry, hobby/utility room, and 3 bedrooms in south wing. Inground swimming pool. Copper radiant heating system, and recently coated foam roof     […]

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A Decade of Eichler Homes Sales

Volume XII, Number 2 Summer 2004 Part 2 of An interesting look at homes that have sold more than once The last issue of this newsletter generated some interesting comments and questions regarding its subject, and most of them centered on the rhetorical question, “Will these past increases in home valuation continue at those rates?” “How can those increases in the price of homes continue?” And most of my new home buyer clients, echo the same sentiments – “But that can’t continue, can it?” It goes without saying that no one can predict the future in home prices or anything else, but I think these past 10 years of sales data, coupled with the prior 40 odd years of Eichler sales in our area can provide some reasonable views or projections into the future. As I often tell my home buying clients ,”— if you were to ask virtually all of the Eichler owners who bought their homes – whenever they did – did you think it would be worth that much today?” They would overwhelmingly say , “No – no way – but thank goodness!” Folks that bought their homes in the late 50’s for $20,000+ couldn’t believe it when they sold in the late 60’s for almost $40 thousand, and those folks that purchased at that time for $40K, when they sold in the late 70’s for values in excess of $100K couldn’t believe it either. Will that […]

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Expired: 6003 Bollinger Road, Cupertino

6003 Bollinger Road — $788,000. Listed 4/17/08 (Michael Salmiery of Barton Real Estate represents the Seller) – 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms– 1432sf living space on a 6000sf lot– Home in "original, original" condition, with new roof in 2007, corner lot. Mark's Preview Notes: This home offers a nice entry point into Cupertino schools at an attractive price.  However, this home needs a lot of work.  First off, it seems to be a T-section lot, which means there is a street pointing directly into the garage, so this needs a “feng shui” fix.  In addition, many of the original components need to be remodeled (kitchen, bathrooms, floors, etc) so you should prepare for some good projects to keep you busy.

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